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In 1993 we decided after careful consideration to keep a dog. It had to be a purebred dog with a pedigree. He had to have a gentle nature, it shouden't have been aggressive towards strangers, and it had to be intelligent and easy to bring up. The dog that at that moment met the requirements was the labrador. But to us something was missing here. Until we suddenly came into contact with the Golden Retriever. With this dog a flame of enthusiasm came through,  this was the breed we were going to keep. We then contacted the BRC for more information about puppies. At that time there was only one kennel that had a litter of 6 dogs and 3 bitches but they still had one little dog left. After we had visited this litter the decision was quickly taken to adopt this little dog. His name was Robby van Artesendal.

We also liked to participate in a show and therefore we decided to sign up Robby for the BRC clubshow. He got the result 3 very promising. Because of this first success we took the decision to continue taking part in shows. And this resulted in Robby becoming youth champion of Luxemburg in 1994. That very same year we got another dog named Spencer van t Bergdal and in 1995 we got our first bitch ThorkaVan Artesendal. With her the longing arose to breed Goldens ourselves. In 1997 Thorka became youth champion of Luxemburg and Thorka also became top winning Golden in Belgium that same year.

We then applied for a name for a kennel and at the end of the year 1995 we started with the name VAN DE GOUDEN GRAAL ( from the golden grail)..

In 1995 I was asked by the committee of the then FGR ( association of breeders) to help establish the Golden Retriever Club Belgium. Since then I have been a committee-member of the committee of breeders and in 1997 I was appointed to the Board in which I at present fill the post of treasurer.

In the year 1996 we imported from England Xanthos Fair Dinkum (Tiff) from Mrs. Heather Morss.

On 2nd March in the year 1998 our first litter of pups was born of Ch. J. Lux Thorka Van Artesendal X Stanroph Sea Cadet; it were 5 dogs and 6 bitches. From this litter we kept ourselves two bitches, Xemara Van De Gouden Graal and Xarena Van De Gouden Graal who on the 27th of march 1999 just like her mother became youth champion of Luxemburg.

On the 16th of august of the year 1998 a second litter was born by Xanthos Fair Dinkum X Ch. J. Lux Robby Van Artesendal. 3 dogs and 7 bitches. From this litter we kept one bitch Xandra Van De Gouden Graal.

On the 25th of january 1999 Thorka Van Artesendal gave birth to her second litter of pups with Stanroph Sea Cadet.

In 1999 we bought an old farm with a lot of space for the dogs. Where we moved to on 20-12-1999.

I have been member of the GRCB board for 20 years, until February 2017 Im still working and showing goldens. Sporadic we have puppys.

Armand and Greta.



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